Coffee-break exercise: Fresh shoots


10 April 2020
Try this creative writing exercise to generate new ideas over the Easter weekend

It's spring, it's the Easter weekend, and even though we can't go very far, all around us there are signs of new life breaking through, such as leaves and blossom on trees.

The thought of these fresh shoots can also be applied to your creative writing.

For five minutes, write down any new ideas that have come to mind about your own writing. They don't need to be fully formed – that's the point. Whether it's a word, a phrase, a line, a thought about something that's struck you – note it down.

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For the next ten minutes, pick one of the ideas and write round it, seeing where your ideas take you.

If you find you've got the seeds of a new piece of writing, why not pick another of your ideas over the weekend and write round that one, too?


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