Coffee break exercise: Environment Day


05 June 2020
Be inspired by nature to begin a new piece of work in this week's creative writing exercise

For a few moments, decide on an aspect of nature or the environment that inspires or intrigues you. It might be a place, a plant, a creature, an element, something vast or even something microcosmic. It might by under threat – it might even be extinct. Make a few notes on why you have chosen it and why it has captured your interest and imagination.

For another couple of moments, imagine a character who might interact with your chosen aspect of the environment. Who is this character? Why and how are they involved with nature? Jot down your initial thoughts.

For the next fifteen minutes, write in the character's voice, showing how they interact with the aspect of nature you've chosen. If you prefer writing creative non-fiction to fiction or poetry, write in your own voice.

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