Coffee break exercise: Changing perceptions


17 April 2020
Change a character's viewpoint in this week's creative writing exercise

For the first five minutes, imagine a character and decide on something they have strong views on - possible ideas might be food, politics, sport, music, advertising, but it's up to you to decide who your character is and what they hold strong views about.

For another couple of minutes, think of an opposing view to the one your character holds. For instance, if your character thinks that their grandson is lazy and irresponsible, the alternative would be to see that the grandson is industrious and reliable. If they're a jazz snob, an alternative might find your character appreciating the joy of a pop tune.

For the remainder of your writing time, make a start on a new story, mini-script or poem where someone starts with a particular point of view and is forced by events to revise their opinion.

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