Coffee-break exercise: A day in a life


15 May 2020
Create a day in the life of a character in this week's creative writing exercise

Decide on a character to write about. It might be someone from piece of creative work you're already working on, or it might be a new character to you. It might be yourself, or someone you know, or someone well-known. Take a couple of minutes to decide which character you're going to focus on for this exercise.

For five minutes, think about a typical day in the character's life. What does their day consist of? Now does it start? What are the key points in their day? Note down any details that spring to mind.

For the next ten to fifteen minutes, start writing about your character's experience of their day.

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At the end of this exercise, has creating a day in their life given you any insights into this character? Has it made you want to carry on writing about them?


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