Biography and life writing

Mark Simmonds: The joy of mental ill-health
For World Mental Health Day, the author of Breakdown and Repair describes how…

10 October 2019

Creative writing: On trend
Celia Brayfield explores the pros and cons of writing fashionably

24 July 2019

How to format a self-published book
Your self-published book should look as professional as possible to impress…

12 July 2019

Celebrate International Women's Day with our top 10 books by female authors
10 new books by women writers to be reading in 2019

04 March 2019

Benefits of height adjustable desks by Ergo Desks
An ergonomic desk, like those from Ergo Desks, can aid focus and productivity…

26 February 2019

10 reasons NOT to date a writer
Have you ever wanted to date a writer? Here are ten reasons you might want to…

04 September 2018

Course of the week: Making the Most of your Life Experiences
Do you have valuable or unique life experiences that you’d love to share but…

14 March 2018

How to write crime non-fiction: advice from Nick Triplow
Nick Triplow offers advice based on his experience of writing the acclaimed Ted…

21 November 2017

Creative writing coffee break: houses
Use a memory of a house where you've lived as a building block for a new piece…

22 September 2017

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