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How to write a press release
A well-written and concise press release makes the busy journalist’s life easy.…

19 February 2023

Why writing is good for your mental health
We've highlighted some of the ways writing can make a positive difference to…

10 October 2022

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, July 2021
Background reading, exclusive new book extracts and more to complement your…

19 May 2021

How to write memoir: Horatio Clare
Keeping a sense of discovery is vital, says the acclaimed author and memoirist

12 March 2021

Writing military history: Damien Lewis
For Remembrance Day, Damien Lewis, author of SAS Band of Brothers, talks about…

10 November 2020

Author inspiration - family history, with Gaynor Halliday
Writing Magazine subscriber Gaynor Halliday explains how a family history search…

14 July 2020

Author inspiration - childhood home, with Mary Gibson
The East End of her childhood inspired Mary Gibson's bestselling historical…

08 July 2020

How I turned from activist to author
#LucysLaw protester Vanessa Holborn describes how she found effective ways of…

20 March 2020

Creative non fiction: Get to know the genre
Applying creative writing techniques is bringing a new lease of life to…

21 January 2020

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