An inspiring exercise to fuel your creative writing


01 July 2020
Let your mind drift and your pen follow

Sit quietly for five minutes, trying to let conscious trains of thought pass you by. Let your mind drift.

After five minutes or so – don't worry about timekeeping accurately, that's a conscious train of thought you should be letting go of – pick up your pen.

Now spend five minutes letting your pen drift. Don’t edit or steer. Don't worry about sense. Just let your pen flow. Try to be only vaguely aware of the words you are writing.

When you have finished look back and consider what you've written. Could you have written this consciously? Are there connections and leaps that you wouldn't normally make?

Pick two images or phrases to use in a new conscious piece of writing. You don't have to use them verbatim; refine them if necessary but try to keep their spirit. Does this new piece come naturally?

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Next time you write actively, try to remember how this felt. Try to disengage your inner editor (there's plenty of time for that later!) and write freely. Your voice will be clearer and more yours.

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