10 ways to be inspired to write without leaving the house


05 July 2020
Inspiration is everywhere, so you shouldn't have to go far to find ideas to fuel your writing

Home is where the art is, as the saying doesn't go. But look around you - inspiration is all around. 

Why not try one of those ways to find new ideas without leaving home?

  1. Watch a re-run of an old favourite TV programme. Make notes about what happens next to the characters.
  2. Switch off the TV. Write five words you associate with the television.
  3. Pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read. Read a bit of it. Write about why you hadn’t got round to reading it and how you feel about it now.
  4. Ask a child to describe a concept to you – time, space, truth? Then write about it from a child’s POV.
  5. Rummage in your attic or the cupboard under the stairs. What’s the oddest item you uncover? What’s its story?
  6. Look in your wardrobe. What’s the oldest garment in there? Write about why you kept it.
  7. What was the last thing you ate? Could you make a meal of writing the beginning of a food story?
  8. Spend ten minutes drawing - unlock your nascent and probably forgotten creativity.
  9. Look at the colours in your house. Go round each room naming the shades. Make a list, arranging the colours.
  10. Is there a household job that needs doing? Why not write about it instead?

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