Susan Palmquist


Susan can’t remember a time when she wasn’t working on an idea for a new story or book. An author since the late Eighties, and a full time freelance writer since 2000, these days she has also added the title of self-publisher to her name.

Her articles have appeared in such publications as Health, Arthritis Today, American Profile, and WebMD. Under her own name she’s written romances, mysteries, and non-fiction titles including cookbooks and writing instruction how to’s. As Vanessa Devereaux, she’s the bestselling author of 80-plus books and novellas including four ongoing series.

She’s been a tutor for Writing Magazine since 2010 and also teaches workshops for various chapters of the Romance Writers of America. Susan pens two blogs including This Writer’s Life where she offers fellow writers and authors tips and weekly writing prompts.

Susan tutors the following courses: Fiction Writing, Short Story Writing, Article Writing and Freelance Journalism.

What Our Students Say

Excellent customer service and attentive tutors ready to help you every step on the way to become a better and more confident writer.

It was a delightful experience to study with you.

Audry Candida da Silva Wickham, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 28/05/2019

Thank you for the efficient and friendly coordinating of my assignments and feedback. I have really enjoyed the course; I feel that I have learned a lot and it has made me more focused in getting on with my writing. Susan's feedback (which was always amazingly quick) was very supportive and helpful; she gently led me to a point where I can cope more easily with letting people read what I have written and can talk about my stories and characters without feeling silly.

The article I wrote for my first assignment, which Susan encouraged me to submit to Babel, the magazine I had researched, was published in their November issue which was very exciting and wouldn't have happened without this course.

Rhonwen Shaw, Lancashire - 29/05/2019

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