Writing for Children

Our online writing for children course covers everything you need to know as a children's writer from finding your style to marketing your work.

What You'll Learn: Course Modules and Content

1. The marketplace
2. Writing style and the young audience
3. Picture books
4. Subject matter, theme and plotting
5. The series read
6. Older fiction
7. Other markets
8. Marketing your work

One of the liveliest demands for new material is for children's writing. Books for the very young are as important as ever and, despite television and computers, teenage fiction is popular as never before.

This course helps in three main ways. Firstly, it should give students the confidence to develop their own originality. Secondly, it will improve the technique of writing, helping the growth of strong points and overcoming weak ones. Finally, though inevitably this has to be placed first within the course itself, it defines markets which will not only help maximise the chances of successful publication, but possibly prevent wasted time since publishers' requirements are often specific, especially regarding age ranges, length and therefore price.

Everything the children's writer needs to know (for example, how illustrations are commissioned, paid for and generally handled in picture books) is included in the course. It goes without saying that the course has been prepared by a highly-successful well-known children's writer and that the tutors are thoroughly professional with practical experience as successful children's writers themselves.

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What Our Students Say

I have been trying to write stories for years, and Stephanie Baudet is the first tutor I have had whose criticism is objective and really helpful; she does not beat about the bush like the others have done in the past; she can pinpoint the weaknesses precisely and her comments are like nuggets of gold. I am so fortunate to have found someone who knows how to criticize my work 'properly'; in other words, honestly.

Felicity Tessaro - 27/02/2019

Thanks - since I last wrote to you things have progressed and my children's picture book [developed during the course] is now being published!

Valerie Walsh, Somerset - 17/03/2016

Here is my final assignment, the last one of the second course extension. It's the Prologue to the story I've been working on since last summer. So now I have a first draft. I'm so glad I took this course, it's been a great help to me!

Jannie Ireland, Chelmsford - 15/07/2019

A few years ago I did a writing for children course and had Stephanie Baudet as a wonderful tutor. I now have two books on Amazon. Still can't thank her enough for her belief in me.

Karen Lea, Staffordshire - 22/05/2019

Thank you for the feedback from Elizabeth. Please thank her for all her comments, critiquing and suggestions.

Fiona Speirs, West Midlands - 03/03/2016

Excellent, honest, factual.

E Philip - 10/02/2016

Thank you for the feedback from Amy Sparkes, which was thorough, encouraging and constructive.

Andrew Ashcroft, Sweden - 12/06/2019