Short Story Course

Short Story Course

Work alongside a professional short story writer to find out what it takes to write a publishable story. Our online short story writing course teaches you to create credible plots and structure your story as well as showing you how to present your work ready for publication.

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This is a general overview of the topics covered in this course. However, following the first two assignments your tasks are personalised for you by your tutor based on your personal profile and writing ambitions.

Course Contents

  • What you'll learn:
    • First principles
    • Shaping your characters
    • Characters and plotting
    • Narration and dialogue
    • Writing style
    • Genres
    • The writer at work
    • In the marketplace

This is a summary of this writing courses main specifications.

Suitable for: ✔ Writers starting out
Starting: Anytime
Pace: At your own pace
Location: Study from home
Max duration: 2 Years
Course type: Tutor led
Delivery: Email or Post
Deadlines: None
Exercises: Personalised for you

Course Description

Short story writing course

Our online short story writing course will teach you to create credible plots and structure your story before showing you how to present your work ready for publication.

One of the enjoyable things about short stories is the sheer variety of the markets for which you could be writing; women’s magazines, local newspapers, competitions and festivals, small press magazines. Your course will show you how to research and meet the demands of these markets but first, you have to learn the disciplines of short story writing. You need to learn how short stories are structured and what makes them work.

Right through your course, you will be working to sharpen your creative skills. So you must start by understanding exactly what creative skills the short story writer needs and at the same time you must be aware of the mistakes that beginners nearly always make, mistakes that make the difference between rejection and acceptance, winning and losing.

You will learn how to: shape your story using construction and pace, start with theme, add your characters, interweave narrative with dialogue and then follow techniques that allow your plot to develop.

First learn the skills, then learn how to adapt them: that is the principle your course aims to teach.

Course Feedback

Wow! That was superfast. I hadn't expected a reply from the tutor until next week sometime at the very earliest. Reading Lesley's letter of welcome, her enthusiasm seems to radiate and must be contagious because I find myself wanting to just leave work early, go back to my hotel room and start to write.

From: Tony Stamp

It has been my great pleasure during my first short story course, and the extended one, to have been tutored by Christine Franklin who has patiently guided me through thick and thin. Her kindly constructive criticisms spurred me on to discover I have an ability to write humorously. I have found working with her to be a happy rewarding experience that will be with me always.

From: James Sainsbury

I really appreciate the friendliness in the communications from [the course coordinator] and Colin, it is making me feel very good about this course.

From: Steve Orton

I had a very enjoyable and informative creative writing course through Writing Magazine led by Lynne Hackles. Having kept my fingers to the keyboard and followed her advice, I am now pleased to say that I have had a short story accepted by a magazine. Needless to say I am delighted and feel more than a little spurred on.

From: Mary Keyser

Writing Magazine’s Short Story course is filled with a tonne of resources and information; paired with the professionalism of Lesley Eames and her wealth of experience, the course becomes a must-have for any writer looking to enter the world of short fiction.

From: Mary Fletcher

I’m very excited to have Lynne Hackles as my tutor. I have read her pieces many times in Writing Magazine and I also have her book Writing from Life. I’ve made a start on my first assignment – but it needs some polishing. I’m sure knowing Lynne will be reading it will make me up my game!

From: Dorinda Cass

I did the Short Story creative writing course with Writing Magazine and found it to be invaluable. The tutor was very encouraging and I never had to wait too long for the feedback after each assignment. I have since won a short story competition with Writing Magazine and also been short listed for a second short story. The course has been very inspirational.

From: Helen Chan

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