Novel Writing Bootcamp

Novel Writing Bootcamp

The essential skills of building and writing your novel. Based on the popular 'Start your story with Writing Magazine' workshop, this course details everything you need to get your novel off the ground.

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This is a general overview of the topics covered in this course. However, following the first two assignments your tasks are personalised for you by your tutor based on your personal profile and writing ambitions.

Course Contents

  • Novel Writing Bootcamp
    • Honing your sentences
    • Mastering narrative
    • Dealing with Dialogue
    • Building a scene
    • Building characters
    • Exploring Ideas
    • Understanding structure
    • The first chapter

This is a summary of this writing courses main specifications.

Suitable for: ✔ Writers starting out ✔ Improving writers
Starting: Anytime
Pace: At your own pace
Location: Study from home
Max duration: 2 Years
Course type: Tutor led
Delivery: Email or Post
Deadlines: None
Exercises: Personalised for you

Course Description

Novel Writing Bootcamp

Want to write a novel?

This course is for people who are thinking about starting a novel or who have had difficulties producing an effective novel.

Prose and Storytelling

It starts with a detailed look at the essential skills of craft because no novel will be publishable if the prose and storytelling are not proficient. Then you will look at what constitutes an originating idea and how to build that into a detailed plan you can use to start writing a novel that will work.

The bigger picture

We start with the most basic unit of writing: the sentence. Then we will proceed to larger and complex building blocks of the novel.

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