Fiction (novel-writing)

Have you always wanted to turn your ideas into a novel? Our online fiction writing course will help you get started, taking you from the basics through to submitting your manuscript to publishers.

What You'll Learn: Course Modules and Content

1. The market for your fiction
2. Start with your characters
3. Plotting and make sure you tell a story
4. Dialogue - speaking for themselves
5. Structure - the threads of your story
6. Pace, mood and atmosphere
7. Putting theory into practice
8. The end of the story?

Your course starts with guidance on choosing the subject matter and treatment of a novel that will be saleable in today's marketplace. You are shown how to analyse publishers' requirements and how to structure your novel to meet these requirements. You will also be guided as to themes that should be avoided.

You will study characterisation and plot and be shown how dialogue acts as a driving force in moving your story forward and involving your characters in the action. You will learn to weave subplots into a single structure, how to vary pace and create mood and atmosphere, skills that enable you to write with the page-turning quality that holds your readers' attention.

Two vital parts of the novel are the opening and the ending. One must arouse interest, the other must leave the reader satisfied. You cannot achieve these by accident; you need know-how.

An important part of the course is the analysis of published fiction to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Seeing theory put into practice in this way brings your teaching alive and is an excellent way to learn. These and other aspects of the novelist's business are fully explored and explained.

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What Our Students Say

My confidence has been lifted sky high.

A Price - 10/02/2016

Hi Lynne - just a quick email to say thank you for your feedback. I was so nervous about what you would think and it has given me a such a boost in confidence - no stopping me now!

And thank you also for coming back so quickly, especially while you were away. I do appreciate it.

Mary-Jane Houlton, Wales - 23/10/2019

Extremely precise and helpful feedback from Lesley, as always – and a super-quick turnaround time! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly each time. When trying to fit writing in around work and extended family commitments, it really helps.

Andrew Preskey, Isle of Wight - 17/07/2019

Thanks very much for the excellent [free welcome gift] book on historic fiction. After reading it I feel like I'm in Aladdin's cave, I'm doing the research Sue suggested and I'm bursting with enthusiasm. I just need to see Sue's comments before I get stuck into pulling it all together. I'm very impressed with the course content and tuition. I've done several courses with other companies, including some that cost more than twice as much as this one, but I learned more in part one of this than in the whole of their course.

Linda Adams, Ely - 12/08/2019

Constructive criticism without the barb. Plenty of encouragement and a friendly approach: 10 out of 10.

E Richards - 10/02/2016

I have read lots of books on fiction writing. None of them has given me the understanding of writing that I've received from you.

B Lyon - 20/02/2019

I’m part of the way through my course and I’ve already seen the benefits. I had the first draft of a novel completed when I started the course and I really wish I had taken it before starting the book. My tutor Valerie is very professional and provides great feedback on the writing and valuable insight on publishing considerations. If you want to improve your writing and are serious about being published I recommend this course very highly.

Darren McCall, Milton Keynes - 26/03/2019

I am very impressed with the feedback from Lesley. It is very constructive and informative and I’m sure it will benefit me in my writing. I am looking forward to submitting my next assignment soon. 

I just want to say I am enjoying this course enormously. I feel like a teenager who has finally been allowed to drive the car instead of being a passenger and can dictate where she is going. It is such a sense of freedom.

Kerena Swan, Milton Keynes - 27/03/2019

I am sad to be at the end of this excellent course! Thank you all so much. Wonderful. 

I have experienced other courses offered elsewhere, and in my humble opinion, this is without doubt the absolute best available. I have had unrivalled support and expert help.


Diana Croucher-Jones, Devon - 22/05/2019

The feedback from Louise was excellent. It was expertly considered, thorough and honest. She has given me lots of ideas on how I can improve my writing technique, the plot and the story itself. It has helped me to reflect on the characters more, analysing their motivations and behaviour. Most of all it has given me the confidence to pursue writing my romance novel as now I can clearly see its potential.

Dawn Reeves, Liverpool - 06/03/2019

Dear Val,

I know I have been quiet, but I would just like to tell you that your feedback over the past year has been very helpful to me. To begin with it has pushed me to form the framework of my plot and to have a momentum in the story. It has also made me start thinking more actively about 'showing' rather than 'telling', using dialogue and beginning the scenes with action. I have especially appreciated the detailed analysis of the texts. It is always nice to know which points you succeed in getting across to your reader and which you do not. 

I am going to ask for a course extension and I am very much looking forward to continuing this project with you!

Kind regards,


Ranjita Dutta Roy, London - 19/02/2019