Creative Non-Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction

Whether you are a newcomer who has a particular interest in non-fiction, or a more experienced writer who wishes to transfer your skills into a different genre, the Creative Non-Fiction course will give you a thorough grounding in this fast growing and popular genre.

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This is a general overview of the topics covered in this course. However, following the first two assignments your tasks are personalised for you by your tutor based on your personal profile and writing ambitions.

Course Contents

  • What you'll learn:
    • What is creative non-fiction?
    • Inspiration and motivation
    • Plot, structure and voice
    • Characters and dialogue
    • Real people and events
    • Writing description
    • Identifying markets
    • Marketing your work

This is a summary of this writing courses main specifications.

Suitable for: ✔ Writers starting out
Starting: Anytime
Pace: At your own pace
Location: Study from home
Max duration: 2 Years
Course type: Tutor led
Delivery: Email or Post
Deadlines: None
Exercises: Personalised for you

Course Description

Creative non-fiction

Creative non-fiction has its base in real life and actual events or experiences, but it is written using a range of literary techniques and devices that give it an artistic dimension beyond a mere recounting of facts and information. It is written with flair, to entertain as well as inform.

You'll come away from the course with all the skills and knowledge to get started in creative non-fiction, including:

• A knowledge and understanding of key titles, your audience, and how to approach your writing

• How to structure and plan your book, including finding the right voice for you

• Effective descriptive techniques and character development

• How to incorporate real people and events within your text safely

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