Article Writing and Freelance Journalism

Learn to write what the publishers are looking for and sell your work with our online article writing and freelance journalism course. 

What You'll Learn: Course Modules and Content

  1. Writing for newspapers and magazines
  2. Researching the market
  3. Writing style
  4. Finding and developing the angle
  5. Marketing your article
  6. Interviewing
  7. Polishing your manuscript
  8. The business of writing

The only way to be sure of selling your material is to write exactly what the editors and publishers are looking for. Therefore your course starts with a review of the editorial policies and requirements of the various market sectors open to you. For each, you will see their needs from an editor's-eye view and see exactly where there are opportunities for the freelance writer.

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What Our Students Say

Home Study Testimonial

Home Study Testimonial - 01/02/2016

The [Article Writing and Freelance Journalism] course is an exercise in self-discovery that broadens one’s interests and knowledge. Plus, Mr Rossiter’s guidance and direction are clear, concise and courteous.

Samuel Scicluna, Malta - 20/03/2019

As a beginner writer, you can read books about writing but can't pinpoint particular problems. Your tutor can.

C Agnew - 10/02/2016

Please pass on my gratitude to Michelle for her constructive feedback. She always makes some really helpful points and I’ll be really sad when this course comes to an end! I feel as though I’ve learned so much.

Kathryn White, Hertfordshire - 06/03/2019

Genuine criticism, as a result of which I have felt most encouraged to pursue certain aspects of writing.

M Cowlard - 10/02/2016