London Writers’ Meetup


The London Writers’ Meetup is a friendly, informal get-together for screenwriters, novelists and playwrights to meet once a month, network and chat about writing.

Our lofty aim is to… -Hold each other accountable to our writing goals -Share tips about how to develop good writing habits and overcome procrastination -Share knowledge – about courses we’ve been on, books we’ve read, about how best to sell ourselves and our work and which publishers, producers, agents and schemes are currently accepting work -Support each other through our blocks and crises of confidence -Discuss our ideas -And last but not least, celebrate our successes and commiserate our failures We’re stronger together, so come along and join us for a drink and a chat. Don’t be afraid to come on your own, we will welcome you in.

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283-288 High Holburn London, United Kingdom, WC1V 7HP