Write a short story in a day


Welcome to the hub page for the 'Write a short story in a day' webinar from Writers Online.

Sunday 4 June 2023, 10am to 3pm

This interactive day will include the chance to ask questions and share your ideas with fellow students, and give you the inspiration and practical information you need to turn your idea into a short story you'll want to share with the world!

Please find below the agenda and the handouts for the session.

The recording of the session is now available below, and will be available to view until 30 June 2023.



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Agenda (Morning)

  • 10.00 - Welcome
  • 10.15 - Ideas are everywhere – sourcing an idea for your story
  • 10.30 - Character building
  • 10.45 - Getting your characters talking - dialogue
  • 11.00 - Q and A – any questions on what we’ve done so far?
  • 11.15 - From idea to plot
  • 11.30 - Writing exercise – let’s get those characters doing something
  • 11.45 - Feedback on writing exercise
  • 12.00 - Lunch break

Agenda (Afternoon)

  • 1.00 - Who, when and how - point of view, tense and structure
  • 1.15 - Where - the importance of setting
  • 1.30 - Mending plot holes and fixing problems
  • 1.45 - Writing exercise – moving the action on
  • 2.00 - Feedback from writing exercise
  • 2.15 - What next? Editing and polishing your story
  • 2.30 - Presenting and submitting your story
  • 2.45 - Final Q and A
  • 3.00 - End

Course handouts

Click on the link below to download the handouts for the session. 


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