February 2018

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More Inspiring Ideas with new writing prompts and exercises, what’s hot for 2018, and how to future-proof your writing business

On Sale: 04/01/2018

What's in this Issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Inside our February 2018 issue you will enjoy...

- Even more Inspiring Ideas! Another set of inspiring prompts, exercises, advice and encouragement to set your mind racing and fuel your pen into the new year!

- We canvas our experts to assess the state of the publishing landscape, what writers need to know right now, and what’s hot for 2018

- Renowned writing guru Julia Cameron offers exclusive inspiring advice to Writing Magazine readers (plus, be entered into a prize draw to win one of her books, when you purchase this issue)

- How to future-proof your writing business with preparations for changes to your tax returns

- Our featured authors include:

We catch up with saga megaseller Barbara Taylor Bradford, on the publication of her 37th novel, Secrets of Cavendon

Meet new author Lloyd Otis, whose debut was inspired by the real-life identity theft he experienced

• Romance author Hannah Fielding shares the details of her writing life

Anna Jacobs reveals the five titles that most inspire her as a writer

- Plus all the latest market leads, competitions and opportunities in Writers’ News.


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