March 2021

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Take control of your writing with the March 2021 Writing Magazine. This issue includes the launch of a new series, exploring self-publishing step-by-step, so if you want to take full control of how your book gets out there, start learning what you need and how to begin the process.

On Sale: 04/02/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the March 2021 issue of Writing Magazine:


-In similar territory bestselling crime writer Stuart MacBride encourages you to shake up your writing and experiment with different forms and styles, and Writing Magazine’s own Tina Jackson shares her experience of how she got published by doing everything her way. 


-In these enlightened times one might think gender is invisible, but strong women are still rare in fiction, and difficult for some authors to get right, so make sure your female characters are fully formed with our in-depth advice.


-And in our star interview, we meet an author whose women are definitely out there doing it for themselves, Melanie Blake, who is bringing back the glitz and glamour with her bestselling novels. 


-All this, plus the usual competitions, opportunities, advice and encouragement you need to get writing and keep writing. 

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