March 2020

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Plan your year with writing and reading events to improve your craft with our 2020 guide, essential advice for clearer writing, how to write travel articles and up to £93,000 to win in writing prizes

On Sale: 06/02/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the March 2020 issue of Writing Magazine:

2020 events guide

Our annual roundup of literary festivals, events, workshops, courses and retreats, to plan your visits to writing events near you and further afield

Dodge clichés - Essential advice to help you avoid writing in cliches and keep your prose fresh

Travel near home – how to write travel articles without going too far afield

Publicity essentials – the basics of generating publicity and promotion (eg getting appearances, bookings, mentions, etc)

Romantic fiction, new competitions (lots of them for all kinds of writers) and some feedback from the current chairman of the Romantic Novelists Association.

CHILDREN’S - Picture Book Prize winners – winning entries from our annual picture book prize competition

Writing for Video Games

Although a relatively new avenue for writers, video games are now presenting stories as exciting, emotional and involving as any other medium. But how do you go approach developing stories for this unique medium, and what components must a writer think about? This article will cover some of the fundamentals of this distinctive area of fiction, as well as exploring how a writer might break into this field.

Boost productivity - Every Minute Counts  

It’s a leap year, which means we’ve an extra whole day, or 1,440 minutes, to write this month. This minute-by-minute guide will identify ways in which you can boost your writing productivity this month.  

Interviews and profiles

Star interview: Eoin Colfer, the YA bestseller, creator of Artemis Fowl, on writing his first book for adults

Meet timeslip history author Christina Courtenay 

Historical crime writer Mark Ellis shares his writing routines and habits

Family saga author Jean Fullerton picks her five favourite reads

Beat the bestsellers: Kazuo Ishiguro

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