June 2018

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How to get your book into shops with tips from a bookseller, WIN £98,273 in writing prizes, plus an interview with Alison Weir

On Sale: 03/05/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Inside our June issue:

- Star interview with historian and novelist Alison Weir, on combining historical rigour and fictional vigour in her epic series

- Meet new author Roz Watkins, one of the crime names to watch for 2018, who we’ve had a close eye on since she was placed in our 2015 McCrit Competition 

- Novelist, screenwriter and journalist David Whitehouse shares the routines that help him get through his writing day

- Chick lit author Eva Woods, aka crimewriter Claire McGowan, picks her five favourite reads

- We explore the style and technique of Inspector Banks creator Peter Robinson

- Author experience: Novelist Julia Kite on how facing up to failure is the first step to success

- How to get stocked by bookshops - direct from a bookseller 

- What should you include in a media kit and how do you put one together?

- How to find the right structure for your novel

- Do big publishers still care about horror? 

- Explore the opening of King Solomon’s Mines

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