December 2016

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Our favourite books of the year, star interview with Stef Penney and fighting those writers' curses

On Sale: 03/11/2016

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What's in this Issue?

INSIDE the December 2016 issue of Writing Magazine:

  • STAR INTERVIEW- Stef Penney tells us about the allure of exploration, writing a ‘good’ sex scene and following up her international bestseller The Tenderness of Wolves
  • We take a look at the career and practices of self-publishing pioneer JL Carr
  • The books of the year- Clear out your Christmas list - it’s about to get longer as we recommend our favourite books of 2016
  • Amazon self-publishing in print and ebook, step by step
  • Break into writing for video games
  • Fighting writers’ curses

- Writer’s block? There’s no such thing! 7 steps to overcome your invisible obstacles

            - How to guard against plagiarism and protect yourself from accusations

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