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18 April 2022

120 is the story of a robbery in an East London bank featuring armed assailants. However, the key to…

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The Sampford Slaying by Andrew McAuley
Devon, AD 1402. Wool merchant Robert Wood is not well-liked. He is boastful,…

08 April 2022

The Age of Aquarius by Peter Craig
Expats on Spain’s Costa Blanca try to make new friends, share new experiences,…

16 March 2022

Out of the Blue by Nettie Anderson
They say change is as good as a rest, but Daisy is hoping for both when she…

16 March 2022

A Scottish Highland Surprise by Julie Shackman
When wedding planner Sophie Harkness refuses to move a friend’s wedding to…

16 March 2022

The Gardens of the Gods by Magdalena Czajkowska
The Garden of the Gods examines the intimate relationship between the ancient…

19 January 2022

Kimi and the Land of Feathers by Eszter Molnar
While on holiday in the mysterious forest of Bambaloor, 8-year-old Kimi…

28 July 2021

Driftwood by Starlight, by Caroline Gill
The debut full-length collection from multiple competition-winning poet Caroline…

26 July 2021

The Road Home by Pete Harrison
England,a country ravaged by war,millions of its population wiped out. Terrorist…

22 July 2021

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