Write a Novel and Get it Published

08 April 2013

Teach Yourself's Write a Novel is structured to start with idea finding and then to move on to plot…

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Writing a Marketable book
A marketable book is one that can be successfully marketed, whether trade…

08 April 2013

Self Publishing The Essential Guide
If you are thinking of self-publishing then you are faced by a host of…

25 November 2012

Writer For Hire
From writing the query or covering letters that sell your work, through to…

12 July 2012

The Writer's Little Helper
The Writer's Little Helper is a small book jam-packed with big ideas,…

10 July 2012

How to Get a Break as a Writer
How to Get a Break as a Writer is a book that explores a range of opportunities…

04 May 2012

The Breakout Novelist
Every successful novelist gets stuck sometimes. The Breakout Novelist aims to…

04 May 2012

McCallum's Writing Glossary
McCallum's Writing Glossary provides a guide to the language used in…

04 May 2012

The Naked Author
If you are planning to self-publish, here is a guide that will help you plan…

04 May 2012

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