Write 24 words for National Writing Day


23 June 2020
Get writing!
Write 24 words for National Writing Day Images

The charity First Story is encouraging all writers, and especially young people, to put pen to paper for a simple creative writing challenge for National Writing Day.

The project challenges you to write just 24 words, in seven minutes, and share it on social media on 24 June, starting from the prompt 'One day...'.

To take part, write out your quick piece, or print it out, and take a photo of yourself holding it, then share the photo online with the account @writeday, using the hashtag #247challenge, tagging three friends who might also want to take part. The best submissions will be hosted in an online archive by the British Library.

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The charity intends the challenge as 'a moment of unity, of freedom and – most importantly – of fun where students, teachers – and anyone who wants to be involved – can enjoy writing together and take a moment to express themselves.'

Top writers have been enlisted to share their stories, including Malorie Blackman, Cressida Cowell, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Mark Haddon and Jackie Kay.