Vote of no confidence at Poetry Society EGM


25 July 2011
imports_WRI_0-m3w5c9ro-100000_57221.jpg Vote of no confidence at Poetry Society EGM
The Poetry Society's run of troubles continues as its extraordinary general meeting (EGM) ends in vote of no confidence ...
The Poetry Society's extraordinary general meeting ended in a vote of no confidence, following the recent resignations of its president, its director and several senior executives.

The EGM was called by Poetry Society members, who have sent thousands of emails and even posted a video on YouTube lifted from Downfall - a film about the final days of Hitler. This YouTube account has now been closed.

At the EGM, held on Friday 22 July, the board of trustees volunteered to resign. A vote of no confidence was passed by a vote of 302 to 69. The board will stand down in September.

One trustee told The Guardian: 'I feel I will be well shot of it. Quite a lot of poets seem to be rather bloody unbalanced.'

The full Guardian piece can be read here:

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