VIDEO: Amazon wants to unleash drone delivery service


02 December 2013
imports_WRI_0-gljzs5c7-100000_05674.jpg VIDEO: Amazon wants to unleash drone delivery service
Watch video of Amazon's planned drone delivery heli-bot in action. ...
Online megastore Amazon is always at the forefront of streamlining storage, picking and delivery systems, and its latest proposal is no exception: delivery by unmanned drone "Octocopters" within 30 minutes of your order.

Watch Amazon's video to see how they expect the drone delivery service, dubbed Prime Air, to work.

There are, of course, obstacles in the path of the drone launch. The US Federal Aviation Administration has yet to approve the use of unmanned vehicles for civilian purposes, although approval is anticipated in the US in 2015, with Europe to follow in 2016. Writing Magazine has a few logical hurdles to add - you need to be home; you need no one else to bag your Amazon bounty before any eagle-eyed poachers; flats, shared entrances and properties without gardens will struggle... any more? Let us know in the comments.

Amazon says it has the technology for its drone army to be ready to launch as soon as the regulations are in place.
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