Today is World Poetry Day


21 March 2012
imports_WRI_0-2u3mo9jq-100000_68805.gif Today is World Poetry Day
Why not get poetic and write a verse to celebrate? ...
Why not get poetic and write a verse to celebrate?

UNESCO made the decision to celebrate World Poetry Day every year on 21 March back in 1999.

'In a constantly evolving world, a world of rapid change and social transformation, poets have a presence alongside civil movements and know how to alert consciences to the world’s injustices as well as encourage appreciation of its beauty. We can also see potential in new technologies and short messages that circulate on social networks, breathing fresh life into poetry, fostering creativity and the sharing of poems and verses that can help us to engage more fully with the world,' said UNESCO direcotr-general Irina Bokova.

We'd love to know by Twitter or Talkback if you've done anything poetry-based today.


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