TICKET OFFER for 'The Seven Acts of Mercy' by Anders Lustgarten


14 December 2016
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Get your discounted ticket to see Anders Lustgarten’s visceral new play at the Swan Theatre

Exclusively for Writing Magazine readers, the Royal Shakespeare Company is offering tickets for just £10 to see The Seven Acts of Mercy at The Swan.

Inspired by Caravaggio's masterpiece, Anders Lustgarten’s visceral new play confronts the dangerous necessity of compassion, in a world where it is in short supply, contrasting scenes four centuries apart.

Naples, 1606 – painter Caravaggio works on his first painting since he killed a man and fled to Rome. As he works, he is fuelled by anger, self-loathing and his driving need to create a work that speaks of compassion in a violent world.

Bootle, 2016 – retired dock worker uses Caravaggio’s art to teach his grandson about the tragedy and beauty of the life he faces in a community which  is disintegrating under the pressure of years of economic and political degradation.



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You can claim your £10 ticket on any of the following showings:

Sat 17 Dec – matinee and evening

Wed 21 Dec – matiness and evening

Fri 6 Jan – evening

Wed 11 Jan – evening

Thu 12 Jan – evening

Fri 12 Jan – evening

To book your tickets, simply CLICK HERE

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