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04 October 2018
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Get stuck into the November issue and learn how to make your readers scream!


Get stuck into the November issue and learn how to make your readers scream!

With Halloween looming at the end of this month, we've put the focus on fear so you can get writing some scarily good horror.

We've got fantastic advice on freeing your imagination in our star interview with The Miniaturist bestseller Jessie Burton, who has written her first book for children, The Restless Girls.

Now nights are drawing in and getting colder, who wants to leave the house to promote their book? We show you how you can reach more readers and increase your potential sales from the comfort of your own sofa.

Follow our top tips to write outstanding short stories that editors notice and readers remember, and hone your writing skills (and win some cash!) by writing snippets and slogans.

This month we're featuring £50,568 to be won in writing prizes, and you can keep up with the latest writing competitions and opportunities to get published in the packed pages of Writers' News.

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We love helping you to become a better writer and we hope you enjoy reading your November issue! It's on the shops today, with an exclusive book, Chloe Henderson's Inspiration and Motivation for Writers, or you can get it here, in print and digital formats.




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