Self publishing success: How Amy Louise Ware published I Wrote A Book About You


14 September 2017
amylouiseware-61031.jpg Amy Louise Ware
Debut novelist Amy tells us how she fulfilled her father's wish for her to become a writer


Debut novelist Amy tells Writing Magazine how she fulfilled her father's wish for her to become a writer

Writing is something I have always been in love with, writes Amy. A friend of mine has kindly been passing down Writing Magazine to me for years. And I am so thankful for his kindness.
I lost my Dad to a rare form of brain cancer, when he was aged just 42; one of his wishes was for me to follow my dreams. One of those dreams was to become an author…
My debut romantic comedy novel is called I Wrote A Book About You and it is available on Amazon in both ebook form (£1.99 or free for Prime members) and paperback form (£9.99).
It took me two years to write this novel, and I began writing it after having seemingly bad luck in the ‘dating game’. I decided to turn all of my horrendously hilarious dating experiences into a novel that could be relatable to anyone. One of my editors, Nicole Strange noted ‘this book will do for Converse what Bridget Jones did for big knickers’.

The response has been phenomenal. Within the first day of release it shot up to #89 – this figure is out of around 8,000,000 other titles on Amazon – on the New Adult Fiction charts. This book looks at love and other modern themes such as LGBTQ rights and terrorism.
Despite receiving several publishing offers, I decided to self-publish. I wanted the control of what my cover looked like and therefore used Amazon KDP to publish. Sure, it was a truly difficult couple of months having to design the cover, and format all of the documents – and doing this with a crazy puppy jumping across your laptop at various intervals, makes it even more difficult!
If you’re a fan of Bridget Jones, then this book is definitely for you.

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