Scottish Book Trust seeks Stories of Home


24 March 2014
imports_WRI_0-q8lzjqxh-100000_11242.jpg Scottish Book Trust seeks Stories of Home
Submissions are invited on the subject of what home means to the writer ...
Submissions are invited on the subject of what home means to the writer
Stories of Home is a new writing project from Scottish Book Trust that encourages people to write about their personal experience.
Marc Lambert, director of Scottish Book Trust, said: ‘People find peace and security in many different kinds of spaces and places. The people who call Scotland home know that it is a place of great variety, interest, charm and inspiration. To me, the indispensible ingredient for creating that feeling of home is some connection that goes beyond the present to connect us to a history and a landscape which we actively feel part of, and which therefore has become a part of us.’
Writers must be resident in Scotland and unpublished. The stories may be written in any form – story, song, poem, letter or play – and can be about any aspect of home and what it means, whether that is a person, a place, an object, food, or a memory. Submissions may be up to 1,000 words.
Stories will appear on the Scottish Book Trust website and every week a story will be chosen to feature in the Sunday Mail. Scottish Book Trust's favourite stories will be published as a book that will be distributed during Book Week Scotland.
Submissions to Stories of Home are open until 30 June.

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