Queen Elizabeth ll, 1926-2022


09 September 2022
Draw on your memories of the much-loved monarch in this week's creative writing exercise

The Queen's death is bound to prompt memories in anyone who has lived during her long reign. To mark her passing, we're inviting you to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and write about any way in which the late Queen's life and her long service has touched your own.

You could write about great state events of course, or aspects of Queen Elizabeth's life and reign that you've felt strongly about. You might want to write a commentary of unfolding events, or a poem to express a sense of loss. But equally, you might have memories of how you and your families and friends experienced street parties, jubilees, watching the panoply of royal life on TV. Even mugs and tea-towels with the Queen's face on them might prompt you to write about them.

Write in any way you want, whether it's a celebration, a commiseration, or something else. Whether it's a tribute, a poem, a letter, or even a rant, your writing is for your eyes only, unless you decide to share it.

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