Nigella gets in hot water on eBay


13 April 2012
Many of us sell books on eBay, but usually try to avoid signed editions given to us by the author... unlike Nigella Lawson, who's cooked up a literary spat ...

Nigella Lawson cooked up a recipe for offence when she chose to sell a few books on eBay - one was a signed gift from her friend Sophia Waugh, who spotted the item.

Fortunately for us all, and especially Nigella, Sophia seems to have taken it all in good humour, and took to Twitter to share her discovery:

"Ok this is complicated. But worth it. So I give a copy of my novel to a friend. Let's call her Nigella."

"Another friend notices a gap in my backlist on her shelf. Turns to eBay . Buys book. Happens go be mutual friend of say Nigella."

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"Book arrives signed from me to say nigella. Didn't realise there were troubled times . Tears of joy/laughter from us. Caught out."

"But if there is further trouble we are both happy to send a tenner to let's say @Nigella_Lawson. Old friends and all."

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