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17 May 2014
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A labour of love led to a publishing deal for fantasy author Stuart ...
Members' News: Stuart Aken Images

A labour of love led to a publishing deal for fantasy author Stuart
‘Someone had betrayed him. Otherwise, how had they found him? Aklon-Dji glanced over his shoulder and counted seven in the pack…’
‘These are the opening words of my new epic fantasy trilogy, A Seared Sky,’ writes subscriber Stuart Aken.
‘Book one, Joinings, is the first of my novels not self-published. It was launched with a great party hosted online by Fantastic Books Publishing. Dan Grubb, the owner, produced a video interview with myself, and hired actors to do short videos based on scripts I’d written for some of my characters. It was a great way of introducing readers to the book.
‘He organised a brilliant cover for both the digital and print versions, using the professional skills of artist, Heather Murphy. Her clever design incorporated the map I’d developed for the story, using it in a most creative way.
‘As my first involvement with a small independent publisher, this was a world away from the tales of woe and indifference we often hear regarding publishing these days. For me, this has been the most positive experience imaginable.
‘The trilogy, a labour of love, started over 20 years ago when I drew the map. All three volumes are written, and book 2 is ready for publication. Book 3 is undergoing my penultimate edit before it goes to the publisher. I needed a home where the work would be appreciated and, in Fantastic Books Publishing, I’ve definitely done that.
‘I’ve been a subscriber here for many years and always found the magazine a great help and inspiration. To any writer hesitant about trying one of the smaller publishers, I say, give them a go. You might be as lucky as me.
Joinings: A Seared Sky is available through all the normal channels and is attracting 5-star reviews as readers discover it.’






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