Members' News: Sharron Janice Bowman


24 May 2014
imports_WRI_0-hcj5oejp-100000_16197.jpg Members' News: Sharron Janice Bowman
A smallholding and sheepdogs prompted a new life, and new book, from the former specialist nurse ...
Members' News: Sharron Janice Bowman Images

A smallholding and sheepdogs prompted a new life, and new book, from the former specialist nurse
‘I have just had my first book published,’ writes subscriber Sharron Janice Bowman.
‘I have been a subscriber to your magazine for over three years. ‘Also three years ago as the need to write grew I registered to study at home on a Writing for Children course. I was working as a children and adolescent specialist nurse. I intended to write a therapeutic book which would be an entertaining yet educational story.
‘The fates had other ideas. Significant life events occurred and my life was completely changed. From being in a busy career within the criminal justice arena I found myself a full-time smallholder. I entered the world of sheepdog training and trialling. This venture led to meeting a whole new world of characters and values.
Woollie Farm. My Four-Legged Family describes the experiences of “one woman and her dogs” in a predominantly male farming world. It tells my own story of being born to a north-east mining family in the 1960s.The book follows the path from the world of academia to the world of Wellingtons.
‘I decided to self-publish my book after being invited to an authors lunch by a local publisher. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning part of the process. I saw the books being actually printed. Although thoroughly inspired that day I was unable to imagine my scribbles in a notebook at home would one day be put through those same printing machines.
‘My book first book has taken three years to emerge. I now cannot wait to complete my next novel which has begun its embryonic life.
‘It really is an exciting feeling to see and hold a book that you have created. I would recommend perseverance to anyone who wants to experience that feeling.
‘I will be continuing to write. It has simply become part of who I am and I would not want to give that up.’



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