Members' News: Mark Weir


16 May 2014
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The gothic horror writer is living the dream ...
Members' News: Mark Weir Images

The gothic horror writer is living the dream
‘I can remember it clearly, I was sat at my computer when the email came through from GWL Publishers,’ writes subscriber Mark Weir.
‘Like many aspiring writers, I saw the publishing industry as a closed shop and often felt like I was staring at a sheer rock face and at the top was success. The email said, “We’re interested in taking things further pending some changes.” Wendy Lawrance at GWL saw something in the manuscript for Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror, and was prepared to take it on.
‘The book is a gothic horror detective story with vampires. I wanted my vampires to be bloodthirsty monsters and not broody, love-struck teenagers. It is set in Victorian London two years before the Ripper murders and I have really tried to capture the sights, sounds and smells of the murky streets of Whitechapel.
‘I agreed to make whatever changes were necessary to get the novel published because no matter how precious my novel is, at the end of the day it is a product that needs to be saleable. We are now approaching the finish line of editing and I have to admit that I’m really impressed with Wendy’s eye for detail. Randall Crane and the Whitechapel Horror is a far better book than when I first started. My novel was scheduled for release in late spring and published as a paperback as well as an ebook.
‘GWL have also sent me a contract for my second novel, hopefully due for release in time for Christmas 2014. My dream was always to be a published writer and that is about to come true. My next dream is to become a full time writer, and at this rate, hopefully that could come true as well.’




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