Members' News: Lucy Felthouse


09 May 2014
imports_WRI_0-a5dg1h73-100000_13582.jpg Members' News: Lucy Felthouse
These are Xciting times for erotic romance writer Lucy ...
Members' News: Lucy Felthouse Images

These are Xciting times for erotic romance writer Lucy
‘It took a while for me to make the move into writing longer works, but now, a couple of years down the line, I’m very glad I did,’ writes subscriber Lucy Felthouse.
‘My first solo novel, Stately Pleasures, was released in January by Xcite Books, and I’m pleased to report it’s doing very well. Because it’s my first “baby” I was worried that no one would buy it, that people would hate it and leave horrible reviews and all manner of terrifying things. Much to my relief, that hasn’t been the case. A mixture of great reviews from review sites and readers, and lots of promotion gave the book enough traction to push it into Amazon UK’s erotica chart, where it’s been ever since—even dipping into the top ten on a couple of occasions. It seems people like my kinky yet romantic tale of a curvy girl with two gorgeous men and a British stately home.
‘I already have another novel ready to be edited and submitted to a publisher, and I just hope that people enjoy this one as much. The worries of a writer never end...’




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