Members' News: Jacki Hartley


11 May 2014
imports_WRI_0-34pbjmoj-100000_13765.jpg Members' News: Jacki Hartley
Being bitten by the writing bug inspired Jacki to create her blog ...

Being bitten by the writing bug inspired Jacki to create her blog
‘Thank you to Writing Magazine for giving me the proverbial kick I needed to finally submit my work,’ writes subscriber Jacki Hartley. ‘I’ve written hundreds of stories but never had the courage to let them loose on the world, fearing the inevitable rejection. But after reading an article in Writing Magazine, which stated rejection was something to learn from and not fear, I sent a story to Fiction Feast entitled What’s on offer today, and to my amazement, it was accepted.
‘Also, thank you again for showing me how easy it was to set up a blog, which I’ve now done, finally. It’s called Writing Bites. I write bite-sized pieces each week on how well my writing is going, or not as the case may be, including short stories and the progression of my novel. I write mainly horror and explain how I got into it, starting with the early years and progressing to the present day, including tips that have helped me. How I juggle my day job and find time to write instead of procrastinating, which I’m very good at. I now look forward to writing instead of finding excuses not to do it, so Writing Magazine, I thank you.’
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