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12 May 2014
imports_WRI_0-cezgkuza-100000_14377.jpg Members' News: C. L. Raven
Romance is dead, say the horror-loving writing duo as they dance on its corpse ...
Members' News: C. L. Raven Images

Romance is dead, say the horror-loving writing duo as they dance on its corpse
‘Hello! We’re announcing another ebook release!’ write subscribers C.L. Raven.
Romance is Dead is the final book in our anti-Valentine’s horror comedy trilogy of the same name, following the previous books, Gunning Down Romance and Bad Romance. All three covers were done by Ryan Ashcroft of Love Your Covers. So for people who are sick of soppy teddies, overpriced chocolate and supermarket lingerie, this is perfect. Don’t give your lover roses, give them nightmares! We’ve enjoyed our bloody attack on this romantic holiday and are sad to see it end. Next year we’ll release all three books in print with a bonus story. Now we’ll have to think of another holiday to cover in blood. We’ve always hated Christmas...
‘And in other news, our unpublished novel, Bleeding Empire was longlisted in the Exeter Novel Prize and February also saw the release of our horror mermaid story, A Mermaid’s Kiss, being published by A Siren’s Call as they celebrated Women in Horror month. Our blog Ravens Retreat can be found here:'




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