Ingrid Persaud wins the BBC National National Short Story Award


05 October 2018
IngridPersaud2-67988.jpg Ingrid Persaud
The Sweet Sop is the first story Ingrid ever wrote


The Sweet Sop is the first story Ingrid ever wrote

Ingrid's winning story concerns an estranged father and son and their relationship with chocolate. Chair of the judges and editor of the TLS Stig Abell said: 'The judges were unanimous in their praise for a story which keeps a consistency of voice without smoothing over the reality of genuine conflict. The relationship between Victor and Reggie, estranged father and son, who find solace in chocolate, is an utterly convincing and memorable one, a clever inversion of normal parental process. We are all delighted to give Ingrid Persaud this award.' 

The Sweet Sop also won the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2017. Ingrid's debut novel If I Never Went Home was published in 2014 and her work has appeared in magazines including Granta. Her BCC NSSA prize is £15,000.


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