How to Publish Your Ebook


13 January 2014
imports_WRI_0-p1moz1a0-100000_96816.jpg How to Publish Your Ebook
Do you want to publish your own ebook? Writing Magazine's new How to Publish your Ebook app is the essential guide ...
Do you want to publish your own ebook? Writing Magazine's new How to Publish your Ebook app is the essential guide

The ultimate how-to guide to writing an ebook, the interactive app takes you, stage by stage, through every step of the e-publishing process, from the reasons to e-publish, the process of writing, formatting and uploading your ebook, to the best ways to sell and market your finished title.

Compiling all the best e-publishing advice from Writing Magazine's expert writers, it contains all the information you need to get your ebook published and selling online.

• Format your ebook text
• Design a cover that will stand out on Amazon, Apple’s Newsstand or iBooks store, Smashwords – anywhere that ebooks are sold
• Write a book blurb and press release to generate publicity
• Upload your book to Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, iBooks, or, alternatively, the benefits of using a company like Matador to do all the work for you.
• Build your online profile and generate sales
• Build an author platform online and widen your potential audience.

Encouraging advice and ideas to try from other successful e-publishers, including:
• Sales tactics from million-selling Amazon bestsellers John Locke, Stephen Leather and JA Konrath
• Why now is the time for you to e-publish.
• Interviews with authors who relish the independence of being their own boss, and not having to share their profits with a publisher
• Published authors who left mainstream contracts to be more successful on their own
• How one author went from idea to selling his ebook in just seven days.
• The ten steps of successful e-publishing.

Get it on your iPad now, and start playing your part in the e-publishing revolution.

Watch Writing Magazine editor Jonathan Telfer's introduction to the app below

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