Hannah Lynn wins the UK Kindle Storyteller Award


04 October 2018
Kindle-Storyteller-Award_Dave-Benett_03-01788.jpg KIndle Storyteller WInner hannah Lynn with Lorraine Kelly
We featured the call for entries when the prize launched in April.


We featured the call for entries when the prize launched in April.

Hannah, who lives in Austria, regularly visits Writers Online. 'It's a great resource,' she said. 'Especially for writers starting out.'

Hannah entered the second Kindle Storyteller Award with her novel The Afterlife of Walter Augustus – and it scooped the £20,000 prize for books published via KDP!

'I can’t quite believe I’ve won the Kindle Storyteller Award and it’s all a bit overwhelming!' said Hannah, pictured with Lorraine Kelly, who was one of the panel of judges. 'It’s an honour to have been chosen and winning the award has inspired me to keep writing and to enjoy it as much as possible. I’m not sure what I’ll spend the prize money on yet but I have promised my daughter I would buy her two Julia Donaldson books!'

Hannah's first novel, Amendments, was published on Amazon in 2015, and her new book, Peas, Carrots and an Aston Martin, is available now.

For more information, visit Hannah's author page on Amazon.

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