Get a free one-to-one with Writing Magazine agony aunt Diana Cambridge


19 August 2013
imports_WRI_0-dob9pxx2-100000_95404.jpg Get a free one-to-one with Writing Magazine agony aunt Diana Cambridge
Diana Cambridge is writer-in-residence at the upcoming Sherborne Literary Festival, and is looking forward to meeting Writing Magazine and Writers Online readers ...

Writing Magazine “agony aunt” Diana Cambridge will be this year’s Writer-In-Residence at Sherborne Literary Festival, which takes place 16-20 October 2013.

'I’ll be running a free daily drop-in café clinic for writers and aspiring writers, as well as seeing anyone by appointment,' says Diana.
You can even email your work to her ahead of the Festival, and collect a free critique during the event.
'I’m happy to look at a sample of up to 2000 words and have the critique and advice ready for you when you visit the Festival,' explains Diana. 'There’s a line-up of top authors and creative events, Sherborne is gorgeous and the Festival inspiring – a perfect destination for a short break.'
Diana hopes to meet as many Writing Magazine and Writers Online readers as she can and says, 'Please come up and say hello! I’m more than happy to look at your work, or just chat over an idea you have. I can suggest markets and give practical tips. Fit me in around the events you’re attending – all the venues are minutes from each other.'
Diana will also run a Junior Writing Workshop for children up to the age of eleven, for which there are ten places available. 'Children who are always reading, who love comics and magazines will enjoy this. There won’t be any pressure to read your work aloud and there will be a free gift for each child,' says Diana.

Find out more about Diana at her website
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