Facebook Book Competition Winners


27 April 2015
imports_WRI_51g-exa2eyl.-sy344-bo1-204-203-200-03606_34595.jpg Facebook Book Competition Winners
'When I write I feel.......' Our book giveaway winners announced!  ...
Our facebook giveaway competition has been a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who took part! Here are our 5 favourites who will receive a copy of 'Write a novel in ten minutes a day' by Katherine Grubb:
  • Helen Close- 'When I write I feel relieved that the voices outside my head have finally gone quiet and those from inside my head can finally speak.'
  • Beverley Stubbs- 'When I write I feel like I'm seeing the world from the treetops.'
  • Gaynor Boxall- 'When I write I feel a strange mixture of guilt, amazement, fear and pleasure; huilt that I should be doing something more constructive with my time; amazement that I'm actually writing at all rather than distracting myself with one of the many other constructive things I should be doing; fear that I'm just not good enough to make writing a constructive part of my life; and pleasure on realising that if I put aside the guilt, fear and amazement (and brush up on my grammar and punctuation skills) I could actually be a Writer one day.'
  • Travis West- 'When I write I feel like a man tearing down walls.'
  • Lizi Palmer- 'When I write I feel like taking all the people that have p***ed me off that day and turning them into characters that are incredibly ugly, unlucky in love and walk into a few telegraph poles throughout their daily lives.'
Congratulations to the winners and thank you again for entering. We hope you enjoyed taking part and remember to sign up to our FREE E-Newsletter to enter more of our fantastic competitions. 

*Winners, please email your home address to: [email protected] to claim your prize*

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