Cult writing guru Avril Fischer to join Writing Magazine


01 April 2016
avril-42555.jpg avril
Internationally renowned writing guru and organic underwear entrepreneur Avril Fischer, author of Just Pants It, joins the WM team

Writing Magazine is thrilled to announce the latest high profile addition to our writer stable today: cult writing guru and organic underwear entrepreneur Avril Fischer, author of the acclaimed self-help/autobiography/grammar guide crossover bestseller, Just Pants It.

Returning from a self-imposed exile in the New Mexico desert, where she has been conducting a two-year retreat to ‘reboot' her writing voice by neither speaking nor writing, Avril is ready to share her valuable insights with WM readers. “Some good stuff happened, I think I’ve got lots of valuable things to share with people who like that sort of thing, and stuff.”

Avril’s first article for WM will explore the links between poor personal hygiene and good writing – drawing inspiration from the likes of “Stinky” Hemingway, Marcel Proust, legendary unpublished magic realist Den Duraka and Helen Fielding – highlighting that simply not showering each day could save you up to twenty minutes to fritter away on social networks while you pretend to be researching.

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Read her first article in next month’s WM, but to whet your appetite in the meantime, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages, where we’ll be posting some of Avril’s essential advice for writers.