Creative writing prize: Writing is Art Competition


17 March 2017
bernross-copy-81753.png Writing is Art Competition
Win a piece of original art by artist and writing tutor Bern Ross in this flash fiction competition


Win a piece of original art by artist and writing tutor Bern Ross in this  flash fiction competition

As Bernie Ross, Bern has been a writing tutor for most of her life, and now practices her first love, painting. She is adamant that writing Is art just like drawing and painting. 'There are so many parallels,' she says. 'Self expression, of course, and skill too. But creative writing is poetic, resonant for the reader, and every word – like every brush stroke – matters.'

To enter the competition, select one of the paintings for sale on the site, and use it as a writing trigger for a piece of fiction 75 words long.

The winner will receive a painting and their story will be published on Bern's Modern Art By Post website.

There is a fee £3 per entry, which includes concise email feedback.

The closing date to enter the Writing is Art Competition is 30 April.

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