Creative writing prize: The Pen Nib International Writing Competition 2021


14 October 2021
Win prizes for poetry, essays and short pieces of writing

The competition from Pen Nib Writers in France has three categories and is aimed at writers of any level of experience.

• Poetry: Enter original, unpublished poems up to 50 lines. The first prize is £150. The entry fee is €6 or £5 for a single poem, €10/£8 for two; €12/£10 for three and the fourth poem free.

• Essay: Enter original, unpublished essays between 1,500 and 2,500 words on the subject 'A Matter of Concern'. The first prize is £150. The entry fee is €6/£5 per essay.

• Amuse-bouche: Enter writing on anything, in any style or form, up to 1,000 words. The first prize is £50. The entry fee is €6/£5 per piece.

The closing date is 15 November.

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For full details see the website.


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