Creative writing contest: Adventures in Fiction New Voices Competition


04 June 2020
Win a Start-up Mentoring Package worth £550 in the competition for first-time novelists

The Adventures in Fiction New Voices Competition is aimed at writers who have started writing a novel, and completed at least 50 pages of a manuscript.

The first prize is an Adventures in Fiction start-up mentoring package, which includes a manuscript appraisal up to 50 pages (16,000 words), guidelines, a development strategy and a consultation. The package is worth more than £550.

To enter, send a one-page synopsis and the first page of the novel manuscript.

To be eligible to enter, writers should not have been commercially published. Self-published writers may enter.

There is an entry fee of £10.

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The closing date is 14 September.

For full details see the website.


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