Creative writing competition: Litopia Pop-Up Submissions


22 July 2021
Every month one winner showcases work to publisher Head of Zeus

Every Sunday, literary agent Peter Cox and his guests review manuscript submissions live on YouTube, and offer instant feedback.

'I started Pop-Up Submissions three years ago, with the aim of showing writers what typically goes on when they send their manuscript in to an agent or publisher,' said Peter. 'It’s a bit of a “black hole” for most writers… they make their submission and wait, then eventually either hear nothing or get a form rejection. The feedback is usually minimal and the process is obscure. So I took to YouTube to show writers what really goes on. We have two guests on each show, one of whom is usually from the publishing business, and the other is often an aspiring writer themselves. Then there’s me, of course, and finally the all-important “Genius Room” – actually the main Litopia chat room. I’m constantly in awe of how pin-sharp the Genius Room’s first reactions are. I trust their reactions completely. The good news is that writers seem to like the instant, live feedback a lot. We have lots of nice comments and reactions from writers whose work has been on the show. And a growing list of writers who now have significant book deals – as a result, they would say, of the feedback we’ve given.'

Each month's Pop-Up winner will go to Head of Zeus to be considered for publication. 'Since HoZ have picked up previous winners, there’s a good track record there,' said Peter.

To submit, send a blurb, a brief bio and the first 700 words of the manuscript.

It's free to submit to Pop-Up Submissions but for a fee ($29.95) submissions can be fast-tracked.

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For full details see the website.


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